Los Angeles, California’s Naymon Frank

About Naymon Frank

A sales manager with the Los Angeles offices of Tesla, Naymon Frank has averaged $3.1 million in monthly revenue since joining the worlds most innovative automotive company two years ago. These figures place him among the 10 best Tesla sales producers in the world. In addition to his exceptional revenue generation, Naymon Frank has trained and mentored countless Tesla employees, helping many transition into successful leadership positions.

In addition to his work with the Tesla team, Naymon Frank serves as a marketing consultant for both the National Flex Football League and RockSolid CEO Joey LaRocque. He formerly served as a police officer with the State of Oregon and an actor who appeared in multiple commercial advertisements and television programs.

Outside of the professional environment, Mr. Frank regularly is an avid fitness enthusiast who loves jiu-jitsu and weight training. An active outdoorsman with a passion for wildlife, he is also an avid reader and writer in his free time.